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Hi there, everyone. My name is Ishan Roa, I am 26 years old and I am originally from Kolkata, India, however I currently reside in UAE and Russia. I wanted to share my story with everyone who might be in conditions similar to mine.

This pandemic has hit me and many other Indians way harder than anyone could have anticipated. This summer we have had peaks of up to 400.000 new cases per day and up to 5 000 daily deaths. I think that pretty much everyone got affected by these unforeseen circumstances and the economic situation has been tough. I’ve lost relatives, close ones and my job, but I still managed to come out of this crisis way better off than I was at the start.

At the beginning of the pandemic I was working at a restaurant and needless to say that I was laid off quite early, when the first wave of businesses started to close down due to lockdown. I can’t say I earned a lot, but it was still enough to support me and my family. I’ve lost my job, but it was far from the worst things that were to happen to me.

The government told us to stay at home, but I didn’t have any money to survive. My parents and my brother were also hit by the situation and I had to look for other ways of earning money. But I could not find any decent job for a long time. After months of searching I managed to find a job at a call center, which seemed perfect at the time, since I didn’t have to leave the office and the salary seemed decent.

Little did I know that I was hired at a so-called scam call center, where my main job was to scam elderly american people out of their hard-earned savings by pretending to be an Amazon customer support agent. I am an honest person and I just could not push myself to do that, until I received the news that my parents were ill.

Both my father and my mother contracted COVID and they were transported to the hospital in quite a hard condition. The news of them being sick made me desperate, so I agreed to work in a call center. I worked my ass off and it was difficult for me, emotionally, but I was ready to do absolutely anything to help out my family.

Since I didn’t have time to visit my parents, my brother did that instead of me. I regret that decision every day, because my brother contracted COVID in a hospital while visiting our parents. A month later my brother and my father died with a difference of just a week between their deaths. It was too much to handle for me. Luckily, my mother was able to survive, however the loss of our loved ones seemed too much to handle.
Devastated, I quit the work at the scam call-center. I just could not scam the elderly people, thinking of my parents the whole time I was doing that. Now I was jobless, penniless and in a very bad state of mind. I stayed at home with my mother and I started to look for ways of earning money online.
One day I met up with a friend who told me that he earns a decent chunk of change by scamming casinos and other online gambling venues. This seemed hard to believe, but I didn’t have much choice, so I decided to try it out by myself.

It turned out that he was friends with a guy who was developing the backend for the online casino https://tivit.bet and he said that he made a backdoor in the website code, allowing him and his friends to earn money by exploiting those backdoors. And if you knew the scheme, you could also earn by yourself. The gist of the exploit was that some games were programmed to be 100% profitable. So if you knew the number of the game to bet on, you knew that you would never lose.
So I tried following the instructions on https://tivit.bet and I quickly found out that my friend was correct. In a timespan of less than a week I managed to earn more than I’ve earned in the previous six months. It was huge. I could finally support my mother and myself and I had a lot of money left over.
Now, I’ve earned more than enough which has allowed me to earn money elsewhere. But I decided to share the scheme with other Indians who might be in a tough financial situation, just like I was a couple of months ago. I don’t know how long the backdoor will be active, but here are the instructions to making money nonetheless.
Detailed instructions for making money
1. Go to the site and create account - tivit.bet

2. Deposit at least 5000+ rupees to your account

Video instruction for making money

1. Turn on the game "Crash". Put in a 2x Autostop and press Play.☺️
2. Once the Rocket reaches the 2x level your money doubles😍
3. Repeat the process until you've won your desired amount.

With a starting deposit of just 5,000 rupees, using the process I described, I've earned a total 59,544 rupees, multiplying my balance 10 times

Guys, I am actually the programmer and hacked this game. I am giving you a ready-made working system for making money. If you want to change your life, just start playing on this site💪 I earn from 300,000 rupees every day!

While India is still struggling with the second wave and the third wave seems imminent, I hope that these instructions will help people in need. The scheme is working 100% of the time and I have no doubts that people will make the money they need using it. I now earn somewhere in the ballpark of 3 000 000 INR per month solely by using this exploit on https://tivit.bet and I wish everyone to achieve the same results as I did.
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All those senior ministers who were forced to resign or were dropped all should unite to form a retreat like OPS!!!
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